Smoothies and Ratios


This Fun Friday was a LOT of fun!!  I asked the parents 2 weeks ago via Sign Up Genius to buy one food item.  The parents were happy to help contribute and I ended up with plenty of supplies.  On the day of smoothie making, I provided my huge Ikea smoothie straws, blender, vanilla and oats.

My morning class made these in the teacher’s lounge since lunchtime was far away.  It was handy to have the space and sink. My afternoon class stayed in the classroom and it still worked out well.  I made sure to have lots of napkins, wet washcloths and a disposable tablecloth (or the trash can liner works well in a pinch too!).

  1.  After our morning warm-up and Brain Pop video, the students had to get into groups of 2 or 3 and choose a smoothie recipe from the handout.

**One change I would make to the handout is that you need ice.  Smoothies taste better cold and I added a cup of ice cubes to each recipe to make it colder. **

2.  Once they picked a recipe, I gave the students *part* of the new recipe.  So for recipe #4, I gave one group 2 and a half bananas.  So they had to figure out the rest of the recipe based on that proportion.  Of course you can do this two ways:  cross multiply and divide or find the ratio.  Some students figured this out intuitively and others took a little longer.

One group received 5 strawberries instead of 4.  They figured out they needed to multiply all of their ingredients by one constant (which is faster than cross multiply and divide) – I never told them this!  It was amazing!

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