Congratulations!  You are almost done with years of hard work and dedication in the field of counseling!  This alone is something to be proud of!

For universities such as the one I attend, the Missouri School Counselor exam is an exiting requirement.  That means you must pass!  The Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA) offers many exams for teachers, counselors and administrators. These specific subject-only tests are called Missouri Content Assessments (MOCA). Some of us are earning a school counseling certificate AND Licensure for Professional Counselor as well.  This is why I included my NCE hints as well.  Feel free to stop the video if you are not taking the NCE.

If you desire even more questions, try googling “Praxis” and “School Counseling”.  This is another test that we actually used to use here in Missouri.  It is NOT the same test!  But some of the practice questions are more widely available since Praxis is used in several states. I would not lean on using just this source of information as it is not the same test. But if you are waiting for an airplane, need some extra practice questions, etc. you may find it helpful.

Here is my video on preparing for these tests! I cover the NCE just a little bit. I may do another video later because the test is just so large.

Books and Websites for the MEGA (Missouri School Counseling) mentioned in the video:

MEGA Counselor (056) Secrets Study Guide

Register for the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessment 056 – School Counseling

Prepare for the MEGA


Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education – Certification

Books and Websites for the National Counselor Exam (NCE) mentioned in the video:

Encyclopedia of Counseling

Study Guide for the NCE and CPCE

National Counseling Exam subscription (take the practice test for coupons!)

MoMetrix Practice Questions

Not Mentioned but helpful:

NCE – Website to Register!

NCE Flashcards

Here’s the best way to memorize Erikson’s stages!  This video really stuck with me.  Plus, every practice exam I’ve seen covers Erikson’s stages in some form or another.

Erikson’s Stages – Video for Memorization