STEM Resources

Free STEM Resources Galore

Over the years, I’ve linked and saved quite a few (okay a LOT) of STEM resource webpages.  These are pages directed towards one resource or sometimes a whole list of resources.  I have not had time to do STEM as much as I have in the past.  Plus I don’t think I should keep these all to myself!  Some STEM websites are whole free curricula and some STEM resources are one site.  Either way – I want people to realize there is a LOT of free resources out there.

Engineering Games and Projects – This website does say TitleMax I know.  But they have a lot of websites towards the bottom I had never seen before.  The top part is more career exploration.

STEM Games for Kids – Sourced from Maryville University

Denver Public Library IdeaLAB – Links and craft instruction cards at the bottom

STEM Challenges – Sourced from Vivify, you will need to sign up, but they do not spam me

STEM Curriculum – Sourced from Oregon State University for grades 4-12

TeachEngineering – Units, lessons and activities; you will find every grade and subject imaginable all free with printable worksheets

STEM Activities for Families – the Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed this database of activities

Lego and Hands-On Activities – Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

NASA –  1,750 activities are listed in the NASA database.  I would search for an “educator’s guide” if possible which yielded the most information such as this Rocket Unit that I based my STEM Camp on.

Mystery Doug – Encourage curiosity using brief science questions and answers from Mystery Doug

Activities Finder – K-12 activities; 345 activities; Paper and virtual activity; If you need an activity, Concord Consortium has you covered

Arts Integration – Here is a jackpot of all things STEAM!  I am so excited to try out the cake lesson this year!  Oodles of quality STEAM activities for K-12 that I’ve done in the past in other workshops and new activities like the cake lesson.