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One minute = 1 XP

1.)    Image result for khan academy image (Kahn Academy credit)

Join Class at Kahn Academy and Complete Lessons Assigned or any lesson that is “Pre-Algebra” or “7th Grade”.  The Minutes will automatically be added as long as you sign in with your School Google Sign in and complete them in the class link here:

WBE Students:

DRE Students:


2.)      Image result for deltamath image

Join DeltaMath and Complete Assigned Lessons or any Lesson that is Pre-Algebra/7th Grade.  The lessons will be added and show complete ONLY if you enter in the teacher code with your google WSD sign in.


Enter Teacher Code 508906


3.)  Complete the Weekly Mathematician Crossword Puzzle (15 XP Points)


4.)  Log in to
Complete the Mobiles and receive 1 XP per mobile.

Make sure to sign in and TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF THE LAST COMPLETED PUZZLE.  It does not always save progress from previous experience.